Your Lia Sophia Starter Kit Is the First Step Towards Success!

For many women, the day that their Lia Sophia starter kit arrives at their home is the day that they finally begin to take charge of their life. For others still yet, their starter kit is simply a key to new ways to have fun on their weekends and load up their jewelry box with a great collection on the cheap, (or even free).

The cost of the kit is $129 plus tax and shipping or if your looking for a discount you can wait until January. Typically January is a slow month, so they offer $25 discounts. Either way, paying for it is easy cause you can do it online at the same time that you fill out and submit your advisor agreement.

For your $129 you receive 24 assorted pieces of Lia Sophia Jewelry with a combined value of $1000, but thats not all. Thats because your kit also includes 2 jewelry display trays, a kit bag, a quick start guide, 20 current catalogs, a ring sizer, 20 invitations, a display cloth, 6 hostess envelopes, 50 wish lists, 12 guests lists, 12 hostess selection and order sheets as well as 50 customer selection tickets.

Naturally, as the name suggests, it's just a start up kit so as you progress and sales are made, you'll need to restock along the way. The normal cost of jewelry catalogs is $6.50 for a ten pack, but if you order two months prior to each new catalog being launched, (twice per year), you can pick them up on a two-for-one deal.

Of course if you're successful at bringing in business, in relativly short order your going to find yourself in need of new invitations. Official Lia Sophia invitations go for $4.00 per 100 but their regularly offered at half price. Stock lists are 25 cents each, drawing slips for craft fairs etc. are $3.00 per 500 and hostess/customer wish lists are $2.00 per for a pad of 50. Guest lists are $3.75 for a 12 pak and customer selection tickets will run you $2.75 for 50.

As far as sales and management training is concerned, Lia Sophia has thirty years of experience in it and their advisors are experts at what works and what doesn't. So no matter if you're interested in empire building or just hosting events in your home on weekends, they're always just an email or a phone call away and are always willing to help with great advise.

OK. So now whats in it for you? To start off with you pocket 30% of every dollar that passes through your hands on direct sales. This can add up very quickly and in fact $200-$300 commission takes for a well promoted house party is not at all uncommon. Now once you make manager that percentage bumps up to 40%, plus you rake in 10% of all your down-line sales.

See something that you want to buy for yourself? Not a problem because your also entitled to a 70% discount any time, on any item. Sound nice!? It doesn't end their! Thats because you can also order two hostess bonus items any time of a $100 or less value and pay only $15! So needless to say, you're going to end up with a full jewelry box of your own.

Lia Sophia Jewelry is always comming up with new ways to sweeten the pot too. Things like free $100 jewelry premiums for impressive sales figures and 80% off offers that they throw at you from time to time. Of course there are always freebies that come with good sales numbers and they can include anything from jewelry to nice gear, like custom mirrors to augment your display set up.

If those sales incentive perks sound nice, it gets even better than that. For instance this year if you reach a minimum of $25,000 in sales and pull $25,000 in new advisor sales, your going on an all expense paid Caribbean cruise! No catches or gimmicks. Reach your quota and pack your bags and it's just that simple. Do $45,000 in personal and new advisor sales and it's a trip for two! Next year it's Cancun!


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  1. colivarez on 27.07.2009 at 07:43 (Reply)

    Check your grammar. Many times used “your” instead of the contraction “you’re” for you are. Also used “their” instead of “there.” Homophones can be tricky, but someone should proofread.

  2. Melinda Pitman on 27.08.2009 at 21:57 (Reply)

    Not sure when this post was written but as of August 2009 the kit is priced at $149 plus tax and shipping. However, the company is offering $25 off for anyone who starts in September.
    Check it out!

  3. Tracy on 04.03.2010 at 05:26 (Reply)

    What is in the Lia Sophia Starter Kit?…Actual pictures please.

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