Wholesale Lia Sophia – It Just Pays to Step Over Counterfeits

If you're just now getting started shopping around for wholesale Lia Sophia jewelry then there are just a few things that you do need to keep in mind. First, there are now counterfeiters in China who are offering pretty good bargains on fakes but be aware that at their prices the quality has to be rock bottom. Still, here are few more things to think about.

High Quality With a Lifetime Guarantee

Bear in mind that one of the main selling points of this particular brand of designer jewelery is its high quality of workmanship and materials. Also understand that a legitimate seller will always offer new pieces with a lifetime warranty. On top of that, all new Lia Sophia designer jewelry can be exchanged in for full value at any time against the purchase price on another more valuable piece.

Oodles of Incentives & Marketing Perks

It doesn't end there because once you're a legitimate Lia Sophia marketing rep, you'll find yourself one the receiving end of any number of marketing incentive perks. It runs the gamut from freebies on pieces that are handed down to you from time to time, to huge discounts on personal purchases on virtually anything in their line.

A Company With No Glass Ceiling

There's far more to it than that, including a percentage that you receive on any sales from sales reps that you recruit. In fact, If you prove yourself to be a skilled and motivated Lia Sophia marketing rep, there really is no limit to the level you can progress in the organization. So all things considered, buying and selling counterfeit wholesale Lia Sophia just make no sense at all.

Why Sell Junk When Lia Sophia Pays So Well?

Is it cheaper? Of course it is but when you factor in all the positives that come with doing it legitimately, not to mention that all online counterfeit schemes eventually run their course to an end, is counterfeit wholesale Lia Sophia really that much cheaper? So before you end up getting stuck with a load of counterfeit Chinese bunk, take a little time to look into all the tangible benefits of selling the genuine article online.


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