The Jewelry Factory Hackensack NJ

The Jewelry Factory Hackensack NJ is part of a string of jewelry stores trading under that name, owned by Goldenwest Diamond Corporation. These stores all offer high quality jewelry at a fraction of the cost of shopping at other outlets. This is because they trade straight to the customer, with no in-between seller, offering wholesale prices. This means they can give fantastic savings on their jewelry. Having operated for over twenty five years, they have a reputation for a great range of jewelry of all different types, covering rings, watches, celebrations rings, bracelets and necklaces to name but a few.

The Jewelry Factory Hackensack NJ also trades in loose diamonds, if that is what you are wanting, they can supply, being part of one of the biggest diamond brokers in the United States. Also on offer is instant credit if you need it to make that wish come true and get the diamond jewelry of your choice. You can also make up your own jewelry with the “create your own ring” service. The diamonds look big, the website is not that classy, but if you want huge diamonds at discount prices the Jewelry Factory could be for you.

However, if you want to save even more money and not pay the sort of retail prices that the Jewelry Factory Hackensack NJ charges, you would be wise to check out At you can take part in $1 no reserve auctions and grab yourself a bling bargain. On offer you will find a selection of watches for both men and women, bracelets, rings, ear rings and all the shiny gold and silver quality jewelry you could ever want. Whatever your taste there is something for everyone here. This is a great place to buy jewelry at affordable prices.


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