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Have you ever shopped online for jewelry, particularly rings and wondered how you would be able to choose the right size? This is one of the main problems that people face when buying finger rings online. What is the point of choosing a lovely ring only to find that it doesn’t fit when it arrives? One answer is to locate a printable ring size chart. Ring sizing differs internationally and sizes in the United States and Ireland are not the same as in the United Kingdom for example. T

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here are online websites that not only sell jewelry but also provide printable ring size charts that you can use to help you make that perfect choice. They also offer hints and tips to get a good fit and also what to do if you are buying a ring as a surprise for someone – although this seems to involve sneaking a ring that they currently wear and measuring it with string or a strip of paper.

Good advice is given at They point out that finger size varies on the time of day, whether it is first thing in the morning or last thing at night; temperature – your hands swell if they get hot and reduce in size if cold. A printable ring size chart is available from the website and is easy to use and full instructions are given. With this to help it should be possible to buy a ring that actually fits you, or your friend’s finger well.

Once you have actually found out your ring size what better place to buy the ring to fit than at is an online auction facility with $1 no reserve bidding on a wide range of jewelry items. This would be a great place to get a huge discount on normal retail prices!


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