Fake David Yurman Jewelry

Be Informed!Unfortunately with the rising popularity of David Yurman jewelry comes the unscrupulous practice of people selling fake or counterfeit David Yurman jewelry. This is done mostly online but you can rest assured that there are plenty of people out there that are more than willing to sell you a fake David Yurman through a news paper add or any one of a number of different venues.

The fact is that much of the fake David Yurman jewelry that is being sold on the Internet is of reasonably high quality and features genuine stones and real 14K gold. However; you can rest assured that the stones and most particularly the diamonds are of very low quality. Don't be fooled by certificates of authenticity, as these too are easily counterfeited and will always be offered with a fake David Yurman along with a counterfeit jewelry bag.

Educating yourself is key to avoiding being taken by the cheats that are now operating online and there are a number of pointers that you can use to avoid being taken. Of course a fake David Yurman will also have a fake DY stamp on it so you can't use that as a determining factor. If a piece is brand new and is being offered on the Internet for an unreasonably low price then you have to ask yourself why that is.

Of course the seller will always have some concocted story so don't fall for it. Many times sellers on the internet will intentional blur the pictures that they have of the piece or pieces that they are offering to disguise the inferior quality of the piece. They will always tell you that it is a problem that the are having with their camera but don't believe it for a second.

One great idea is to make yourself familiar with the pictures that are featured on that website, because many of the people that sell fake David Yurman jewelry will use those same exact photos when they show the pieces that they are offering.

Beware that they will try to disguise the pictures in any one of a number of ways but if you are alert you should have no trouble detecting that. Beware of any seller on the internet that doesn't show any feedback as this is a red flag to watch out for. Beware of brand new pieces that are being sold by a private party. You have to ask yourself how did the person come into possession of a brand new piece that they are now selling at a discount price? In the end the fact is that it is always best to buy from a reputable source and there are several of them online and once you stray from that path you do so at your own risk.

Here is another great guide to spotting fake David Yurman jewelry - check it out.

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