David Yurman Cable Classics for Men

Who says only women are fashionable? These days, men have alos become victims of fashion, making a conscious effort to choose silhouettes that flatter their body. At the same time, a number of jewelry companies have included men's collection in their product offering, proving that men also want to look trendy and up-to-date.

David Yurman Jewelry for Men

David Yurman has made a name for itself through its cable bracelets for women. His brand has been well received, landing a number of editorials in several magazine spreads. His product offerings have expanded to include jewelry for men, kids and even fragrances. Despite its diversification, David Yurman continued to make cable wires as inspirations for his collections.

David Yurman definitely understands the needs of men. Although most men will not sport heavy jewelry and accessories, he knew that men do invest in some pieces such as watches, cuff links, etc. Due to this, he came out with a collection that true men would purchase. Although the cuff links and accessories are a bit expensive, men would only purchase a few times but of quality. David Yurman's pieces are true investments that could surpass time. These are made of quality materials with classic designs.

Cuff Links

Cuff links are decorative clasps, usually worn by men to close the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt. Below is a list of cuff links from David Yurman's Men's Collection. These are made from sterling silver, with some combines with 14-karat yellow gold hardware. These boast David Yurman's signature cable design.

Curb Chain Cuff Links (US$550 - Sterling Silver and US$895 - With Gold)
Cable Classics Cuff Links (US$850)
Cable Classics Cigar Band Cuff Links (US$425)
DY Logo Cuff Links (US$325)
Black Onyx Cable Classics Cuff Links (US$695)


There are a few men who wear rings, and these rings are not always wedding bands if you may ask. Nowadays, a number of men have been spotted wearing rings as a fashionable addition to their outfit. These are made from sterling silver, with some mixed with 14-karat yellow gold hardware and crusted with diamonds.

Curb Chain Ring (US$350 - Sterling Silver and US$2,500 - 18k Gold)
Wide Pave Diamond Curb Chain Ring (US$5,200)
Pave Diamond Cable Classics Ring (US$1,000)
Thoroughbred Cable Band Ring (US$750)
Wide Cable Classics Braided Ring (US$275)


These necklaces are definitely stylish without looking less masculine. These are made from sterling silver, with some combined with 14-karat yellow gold hardware.

Cable Cross Pendant (US$495)
Cable Classics Cross Necklace (US$350)
Cable Classics Star of David Necklace (US$350)

Other Accessories

David Yurman understands that not all men enjoy wearing jewelry. For those men who do not, David Yurman presents accessories that are a must have especially for corporate men. These accessories are made of sterling silver.

Cable Classics Inset Money Clip (US$250)
Cable Classics Money Clip (US$250)
Black Onyx Cable Cable Classics Valet Keychain (US$325)

Start looking fashionable today and head to the nearest David Yurman shop! David Yurman can be found in department stores or log on the David Yurman online shop.

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