Cheap Lia Sophia Jewelry – How Do They Do It?

Have you ever stopped to consider just what all you pay for when you shop for jewelry at your local mall? If you think that you're only paying for the piece that you buy you're sadly mistaken. This is because you're paying for so much more than you realize you do. That is unless you're paying for buy cheap Lia Sophia jewelry.

You're the One Paying All the Overhead!

To begin with, when you shop at the mall or a local jewelry store you're paying for the rent on the actual store. You can add in all the employees wages and insurance as well. Then toss in building maintenance and utility bills. All this is added onto the price of each piece that is sold out of the store.

A Woman screams in shock when she sees the price tag!

A woman at a jewelry store screams in shock when she sees the price tag!

Then What About the Middleman?

Then if course there's the profit that the owner has to pocket. Not to mention the middleman who supplies him with the jewelry that he sells, as well as the interest on any bank loans that may have been taken out to cover all these business costs. So now you might have some idea why a little set of sterling silver earrings can cost so much at the mall.

Cheap Lia Sophia Jewelry - No Overhead & Middleman

At the same time perhaps you can get some idea of why when all those overhead and middleman expenses are eliminated cheap Lia Sophia jewelry is so affordable. In fact comparably speaking Lia Sophia jewelry costs roughly one quarter on average of what you'll pay for comparable pieces at your local jewelry store. Go compare and see for yourself.


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  1. Olivia on 26.02.2011 at 14:48 (Reply)

    This is a sales pitch from lia sophia corporation.
    For the outrageous price you are paying, for aluminum
    and zinc alloy and plastic and glass beads.
    There are also made in china by Chinese workers
    and not american workers. Just think about cheap materials
    and cheap manufacturing. My fingers got green from a ring I
    purchase from a lia sophia advisor.

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