Affordable Look Alikes with Designer Style – Why I Like Designer Replicas

Ever since I first started noticing David Yurman cable style jewelry being worn by people at parties and in clubs I have wanted to own at least one David Yurman myself. I particularly liked his classic braided gold and sterling silver bracelets that I have noticed more and more people wearing over the years. I never have been much of a man for wearing bracelets but I really did like the way that they had a genuine masculine look to them.

It was four years ago while I was vacationing for Mardi Gras in New Orleans that me and a few friends got lost in the French Quarter after an afternoon of bar hopping. We finally found our way out at the top end at Canal St. and eventually found our way up to the Saks Fifth Avenue store a hand full of blocks away.

It was in that store that I finally got my first look a a David Yurman display case and I was ready to buy that braided cable bracelet that I had always dreamed of. What was to stop me?

I got hit solid with a case of sticker shock. There was just no way that I was going to pay that kind of money for a bracelet and before long we moved along towards the store exit and I just figured that I would never own a David Yurman cable bracelet, unless of course I won the lottery.

It was just two weeks later when I was back at work as a bank cashier in the small Florida town that I grew up in that a regular customer stepped up to my counter with a beautiful David Yurman cable bracelet on his wrist.
David Yurman Lookalike Cable Bracelet
“Man” I said “ I love your David Yurman but I just can't bring myself to spend that kind of money” He chuckled and told me “Neither can I its a knock off that cost me less than a hundred bucks but don't tell anyone, because everyone that sees it thinks it a genuine David Yurman”. To make a long story short he gave me the website to find what I was looking for and now I am the happy owner of a total of two David Yurman “knockoff” cable bracelets and a solid 14K gold diamond knockoff cable ring as well.

Do I feel bad about buying knockoff jewelry? Not a bit and do you think David Yurman invented the cable in the first place? Hell no he didn't and if he can't come out with a line of more affordable product for joe-six-pack working stiffs like myself then I will find someone that does have what I am looking for and can afford. I'll be damned if I am going to spend a whole weeks wages on a bracelet and that is why I love David Yurman knockoff jewelry.

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