David Yurman, Silpada, and Lia Sophia – My 3 Favorite Jewelry Lines

Silpada Jewelry


You won't find Silpada in stores, you can only get it through their independent reps and online. I really love most of it, the style is one of my favorites. It's high-quality jewelry - handcrafted .925 combined with corals, pearl, leather, etc... Silpada has become so popular that discountinued jewelry is rising in price because of its collectable value. If you want to find the latest deals on discontinued and new styles check out here..

David Yurman

My favorite designer jewelry, David Yurman brings a Beverly Hill's style design to jewelry. If you've got the funds to invest in an authentic piece I definitely suggest doing so, otherwise you can find good deals on Ebay if you want to try your luck in that department. If you're a man David Yurman jewelry is definitely the way to go - they produce some of the most stylish men's jewelry I've ever seen. If you want to get a good bargain on David Yurman I suggest shopping online - you can see some deals on David Yurman rings here.
David Yurman Jewelry
Lia Sophia Jewelry

Lia Sophia Jewelry

Around for more than 30 years and they also have a work-at-home opportunity just like Silpada does. If you're looking for a wide range of different jewelry for a wide range of tastes then check out the jewelry from Lia Sophia. They're also a little more affordable than the other two companies, so if price is definitely an important point to you then I recommend looking at Lia Sophia jewelry - they will definitely help you balance style with a budget. Check out the latest Lia Sophia bargains here.

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